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Our Agents

A Soapy Social agent or ‘Soapy’ has the freedom of running their own business and being their own boss without the stress and uncertainty of running a start-up. They also have the opportunity to build a team that suits their needs OR go it alone - the choice is theirs.

Leyla Ciftci
Soapy Social Cork

About Soapy Social

Soapy Social is the future of Global Social Media Marketing. It is a network of innovative commercial agents around the world all working together under the Soapbox brand.

  • Do you want to run your own business?
  • Do you want to work on your time?
  • Are you a self motivated and ambitious marketer?
  • Would you like to be at the forefront of the booming social media marketing sector?
  • Build a Soapy empire or a lifestyle business, the choice is yours!

Sam is a Soapy Social Agent who has recruited a marketer and a content creator. Together, they work with 22 clients, all paying an average of €800 per month.

This means that Sam and his team make €141,120 per year, including ALL of their fees!

Nice one, Sam!

Soapy Socials business owners receive a raft of support services to remove any typical startup friction, allowing you to seek out and start working with clients instantly. These include…

  • The Soapbox Hub will always be a WhatsApp, iMessage or phone call away to provide support with strategy, campaigns, and personnel, no matter what.
  • Online training course Soapy Social training course to become a certified Soapy agent.
  • A personal Soapy Social Website that can be updated with your own clients as your business grows.
  • All on-boarding documents, contracts and standard operating procedures.
  • The Soapbox hub is always innovating new tech and services for it’s Soapy agents, as the network grows so too will the tech advancements making the Soapies job that bit easier.
  • Once registered, a Soapy Social Agent also has the freedom to take on as many clients as they wish, allowing an open-ended earning potential.
  • The Soapbox hub is based in Dublin Ireland, while it acts as the epicentre of Soapbox Media’s client operations, it is also a support system for all our Soapy Social agencies.